Customs clearance

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Customs declaration means that goods, luggage, postal articles, means of transport, etc. shall be declared to the customs by the owner or his agent when entering or leaving the customs or the country, the documents and certificates specified for inspection shall be submitted, and the customs shall be asked to handle the relevant procedures of import and export. The documents and certificates required by China's customs for customs declaration. There are: import and export cargo declaration, import and export cargo license, commodity inspection certificate, animal and plant quarantine certificate, food hygiene inspection certificate as well as bill of lading, packing list, waybill, invoice, packing list, etc.

Customs clearance means that import goods, export goods and transhipment goods entering the customs territory of a country or the territory of a country must declare to the customs, go through all the formalities prescribed by the customs and fulfill the obligations prescribed by various laws and regulations; The goods can be released and the owner or the declarer can take delivery of the goods only after fulfilling all the obligations and going through the formalities of customs declaration, inspection, taxation and release. Similarly, all means of transport carrying import and export goods into or out of the country are required to declare to the customs, go through customs formalities and get permission from the customs. During the customs clearance, the goods, whether imported, exported or transferred, are under the supervision of the customs and are not allowed to circulate freely.

1) general cargo import and export customs clearance service

2) import and export clearance of fresh goods

3) import and export declaration and customs clearance service for food products

4) import and export customs clearance service for mechanical parts

5) import and export clearance of cosmetics

6) dangerous goods category import and export customs clearance service


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