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The company has established a global system network with many airlines such as Korea, China Eastern airlines and so on, and has excellent professional talents, reasonable price, excellent service, and cooperated with the agent of China international airlines and has good cooperative relations. Partnership with the world's major airlines agency agreement. (laiying international has the ability to ship you efficiently, quickly and safely to the world with lower prices and better service. Try to make you satisfied with our service! Our company communicates with the world frequently every day, as well as the world's business. Laiying international is a bridge for domestic enterprises to go to the world, as well as a shortcut for foreign products to enter China.

You just need to call and someone else will do it for me!

Air exports: exports to all parts of the world, export cargo transport, door to door transport, freight forwarding services. Handle export cargo information processing agents, in customs clearance, customs clearance, inspection and other business operations. Pick-up of export goods, ground transportation, storage service, etc

Laiying international provides air transportation, such as Shanghai and hangzhou airports, and dozens of international airlines have direct and transshipment business all over the world. It has established close cooperative relations with more than a dozen well-known airlines and reached ideal agreement on freight charges under the premise of guaranteed accommodation. At the same time, we have joined forces with our peers, complemented each other with advantages and sufficient aviation, launched our own package of services, and reduced operating costs. Please pay attention to the company's aerodynamics!

Air imports: air imports are delivered through door to door services, mainly in major countries and regions of the world. Provide quick clearance, adjustment, distribution, transportation, door to door service. Provide related import documents, customs, supervision, transfer and other consulting services. Convenient customer service: handle import files, purchase price, etc.

According to lepay's international agent network, customers can enjoy air services from all over the world. As for the average direct import of air cargo, lepay international instructs overseas agents to directly enter the main cities of goods from abroad according to customer demand. It needs temporary air cargo import or cumbersome customs clearance for air cargo import. West coast general recommends Hong Kong transit, and USES preferential policies of CEPA and free trade zone to flexibly choose multiple ports and customs clearance methods to ensure smooth and timely delivery, and import air cargo across the country to save time and cost for customers.

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