Seaborne imports

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Leying international freight can provide import shipping services for domestic importers through its relatively perfect network of foreign agents. According to customers' requirements, arrange container transportation at the port of departure and provide FCL pick-up, devanning and distribution, customs declaration and inspection, land and air transshipment at the domestic port of destination.

    ☆We accept the customer's entrustment, use the domestic and foreign agent relation, undertake the world each place to Shanghai or the                 ningbo import business.

    ☆To provide import cargo transfer, customs clearance, inspection, animal and plant quarantine, port delivery and other services.

    ☆To provide direct pick-up and unpacking of full container loads.

    ☆To accept foreign imports of large, heavy goods for shipment business.

    ☆Timely send the arrival information to the consignee and consignee at home and abroad.

    ☆To provide transshipment of imported goods to inland locations.

Shipping form a complete set of customs declaration services: the surplus international freight give full play to their professional customs declaration advantage, agent import and export goods customs declaration, terminal video service, and provide customers in a single, commodity inspection, etc. Series services, customs broker has rich working experience in customs, be familiar with the customs regulations, policies, business process, good quality and professional skills to win the trust of the customers. What you want is what we're doing! As long as you tell your needs and leave the rest to lewin international, you can keep abreast of the flow of goods and stay out of the tedious logistics links to better focus on the international market -- this is the value lewin international has created for you.

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