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Hangzhou leying international freight forwarding co., LTD. Can provide FCL, LCL, bulk cargo, chartering and other services. The company is the freight forwarder of shippers in Shanghai port and ningbo port. Manage shipping rates and provide shipping information and consultation.

    ☆For shipments to major ports around the world. Upon receipt of the letter of authorization, the cargo space will be filled immediately and  the  shipping company's booking    number will be provided to the customer.

    ☆Provide preferential and reasonable freight rates to protect the interests of customers.

    ☆Accept LCL business of small batch cargo, save freight for customers.

    ☆To accept such special services as hanger case, refrigerator case and open top box.

    ☆Acceptance of multi-modal transport services such as sea and air transport.

    ☆Provide the copy of bill of lading to the customer for confirmation.

     ☆Timely provide tax refund documents to customers.

     ☆"To provide customers with ship sailing, sailing and other information.

     ☆At any time to accept customer routes, ship dynamics, freight and other consulting services.

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