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It has the first-class modern logistics transit warehouse and all kinds of storage facilities, which can meet the customers' requirements of storage, transportation and distribution of different goods such as general chemicals, dangerous goods, grain and mineral products. We can provide storage and storage service for your export, import and transit. The variety and products required by customers can be entered into the warehouse according to classification, and the goods can be delivered to the factory at any time and anywhere according to the requirements of customers. The goods are easy to get in and out and can meet the logistics needs of customers, while the company's fleet provides you with timely delivery services and timely delivery to designated locations.

Lewin international provides customers with door-to-door services such as customs supervision of transportation and packaging, warehousing and sorting of various goods.

Our complete warehousing service not only limited to the custody of the goods, also provide a lot of value-added services, such as the processing and distribution of goods, inventory management, packaging, handling, classification, stick a label, tray, fumigation and other special services, not only can effectively reduce the expensive department warehousing costs and speed up the transit transport of goods, and thoughtful, considerate and meticulous service is satisfy the masses of customers deeply.

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