Container transport
In large container this container as the carrier, the goods collection, assembled into container unit in order to use large modern circulation field loading and unloading machinery and large transport vehicles for loading and unloading, handling and transportation task, to better achieve the goods "door to door" transportation mode of transportation of a new type, high efficiency and high benefit.
A mode of transportation in which goods and mail are carried by a wide-body passenger plane or cargo plane. It is an important mode of modern transportation, especially long-distance transportation. It is indispensable for the transportation of valuables, fresh goods and precision instruments in international trade.
Air transport
Road transport
Take highway as the transportation line, use the land transportation means such as automobile, do the transregional or the transnational movement, in order to complete the transportation mode of goods displacement. It is one of the main modes of foreign trade transportation and domestic cargo flow, which is not only an independent transportation system, but also an important means of material distribution in stations, ports and airports.
Warehousing refers to the general term of material storage, storage and related storage activities through the warehouse. Warehousing is one of the important links of commodity circulation and also an important pillar of logistics activity. Import and export customs import and export goods by the consignee or consignor, head of the inbound and outbound means of transport, all inbound and outbound goods or their agents to the customs offices for handling the goods and articles or means of transport process of entry and exit formalities and related customs affairs, including declaration, submit the documents to the customs documents, and subject to customs supervision and inspection, etc.
Warehouse customs declaration
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